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05:44:51 PM August 8th, 2020 

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Although my goal is to write positive columns, sometimes that is not always possible, especially with a constant stream of discouraging news from the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.

The Choctaw Nation missed out on many millions of dollars in COVID-19 relief and other programs due to an undercount of tribal citizens in the U.S. Census.

The late Winnebago activist Frank LaMere continues to help people find hope and healing.

COVID-19 is a selective atomic bomb. It’s killing more Native people when proportionately compared to other populations.

Lookout Solar Project has experienced some pitfalls from the COVID-19 pandemic, but progress is being made to bring jobs to the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Preserving the Cherokee language and growing the number of Cherokee speakers are critical to our tribe’s future.

We suppose that most of us are pretty sick and tired of South Dakota’s duly elected national representatives bowing down to everything that is bad about Donald Trump and not standing up to refute the damaging lies he uses every day to solidify his base.

Within the past few months, four unsolved murders, several home invasions and the rise of bold drug operations in broad daylight have heightened alarms among citizens and leaders of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe.

From a traditional hogan in a remote area on the Utah-Arizona line, Cynthia Wilson spent much of her spring sourcing drought-resistant seeds, packing them in small manila envelopes and labeling them to ship to families across the Four Corners.

The U.S. Supreme Court's historic treaty ruling is having immediate impacts in Indian Country, with the Oneida Nation benefiting from the changing legal landscape.

While Indigenous and other people of color traditionally lack the power to enact racism toward other marginalized groups, we can and do exercise clear racial prejudice against Black people.

A bill to settle the water rights of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and restore land to their control is inching forward in the 116th Congress.

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived on the Navajo Nation, Zoel Zohnnie saw families and elders sheltering in place – and no one helping them to haul water they desperately needed.

It is only with just laws, and the memory of tribal good sense in times of danger that we can look to a future with hope.

President Donald Trump is rolling back a landmark environmental law that tribes and tribal citizens have used to protect their homelands from unwanted development.

At Cherokee Nation, we are putting the federal CARES Act dollars to work for our citizens and our communities.

How has COVID-19 changed our lives in Indian Country?

For all of us, this victory was hard fought. It was not just the result of our own resilience, but the day also belonged to those who came before us.

The Black Prairie Bison Company will provide premium, fresh bison cuts and jerky products nationwide, drawing on the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes' deep cultural connection to bison.

'The court’s ruling is a victory for people who are bearing the brunt of federal and tribal oil and gas development,' says Lisa DeVille of Fort Berthold Protectors of Water and Earth Rights.

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