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05:28:07 AM June 24th, 2018 

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Indigenous families are being separated at the border, Native lawmakers said, calling on tribal citizens to fight the Trump administration's 'zero tolerance' policy.

Conservative Republicans bucked their party’s leaders and joined Democrats to kill a GOP-backed immigration reform bill in the House.

In what appears to be a first, one of the Trump administration's Indian policy nominees has been confirmed without so much as a confirmation hearing.

The 'Broken Rock' tribe wants its land back in Yellowstone, a new series on the Paramount Network.

The nation's highest court has opened the door for states to impose taxes on internet sales, a major development that further encroaches on tribal efforts to expand their economies.

The Trump administration’s actions are an attempt to write another chapter of the boarding school era, this time for immigrant families.

Between May 5 and June 9, more than 2,300 children were taken from their parents after attempted crossings at the U.S. border.

We must not permit these Native children to be tossed about the country, living in fear.

Inspired by Indigenous storytelling traditions, the Math Catcher Outreach Program attracts youth to the study of mathematics.

Secretary Ryan Zinke has no plans to revisit uranium mining in and around the Grand Canyon but a coalition of sportsmen’s groups is worried.

There are so many parallels to the current crisis of internment of innocent immigrant children with Indian boarding schools and forced reservation policy.

Republican John McCain called the forced separation of families an 'affront to the decency of the American people' as the Trump administration continued to defend the controversial policy.

Immigrant children and families being separated by our government is a despicable policy and must stop now.

At what point does the United States have to realize they are the bad guys?

The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is focusing on Native subsistence just as the Supreme Court takes up a case with potential impacts.

Indian Country remembers. This is not the first administration to order the forced separation of families.

Landowners from the Umatilla Reservation are benefiting from a second round of the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians helped finance a study of a limestone pipe that was used for tobacco.

Navajo citizen JJ Nakai is blazing a trail for younger Native American basketball players.

The Supreme Court is almost finished with its current term, one in which Indian Country fared surprisingly well. But the drama isn't over yet.

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